The Concretesock® is an innovative new product that helps protect our environment.

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Concretesock® Chuteselector

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Interserve - Casestudy & Savings made by using the Concretesock® on site

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In 2010 Interserve commenced a trial of zero concrete washout on its Drift Water Treatment Works GAC project for South West Water. The proximity of a local watercourse prompted concerns about the pollution risk from high pH water associated with traditional concrete washout skips on site, as well as the costs associated with establishing and maintaining washout facilities and waste disposal. Alternatives, such as pH treatment units were investigated, but costs proved to be prohibitive.

Kier - Testimonial on the use of the Concretesock® on site

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As a business, Kier is committed to ensuring environmental legal compliance as well as promoting best practice and innovation. Over the past 24 months we have trialled the use of Concretesocks as an alternative to site wash out on our sites.

As a result of this trial, we have found that the Concretesocks: 
Overall, the use of Concretesocks to avoid the need to washout on the trial sites has proved beneficial and we are now recommending them to our sites as a preferred way of managing concrete washwater.

Ellie Parrott (Environmental Manager)

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Bardon Concrete deliver 3748m3 of C20/25 to C40/50 delivered to contractors site without a single truck washing out - saving 18720 litres of water.

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As a concrete supplier we are working towards a zero waste to landfill target by the end of 2013. With this in mind it was agreed that on this contract there would be no wash out facilities on site, and instead we would trial a new technology in the form of the Concretesock, instead of the conventional approach of washing out into a suitable skip provided by the contractor.


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Towergate Insurance – Motor Division welcome the introduction of innovative products, providing clients with risk management initiatives that will help to reduce the risks of claims occurring.

Benefits of using the Concretesock®

Used by National Ready Mix Concrete Suppliers, and Tier One Contractors

  • Assists by helping to prevent small quantities of accidental discharge of concrete leaving the chute whilst the wagon is mobile.

  • Provides a potential answer if no wash-out facilities are provided.

  • Provides a potential answer for road side deliveries with no wash out facilities

  • Provides a potential answer if multi drop situations occur.

  • Because a concretesock virtually closes the end opening of the chute it assists in the prevention of grout / aggregate etc passing and causing other potential hazards

  • Allows the truck to go from the pour location whether it be commercial or domestic to an area suitable for wash-out by greatly reducing the risk of spillage.

  • Used when the truck has washed out to help prevent excess wash water from landing on sites or highways.

  • The concretesock has been developed to help protect our environment and assist in preventing unwanted concrete or wash waters containing cement being washed into storm drains / streams or just saving the task of cleaning up potential unwanted discharge.



Successfully used on projects for the the Environment Agency.
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